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  1. Acostas on the Go Reply

    We went here and throughout Italy and the trip itself is something that we will never forget!

  2. Khadhra Hedfi Reply

    tres chic et tres beau..Magnifique!!!

  3. Lilia Elba Carcagno Reply

    Un lugar maravilloso. Soñado. Si puedo voy a regresar.

  4. Insaf Ben Reply

    I would like to thank whoever made this. This is incredible! I honestly got convinced to change my destination this summer to Venice. You described it so perfectly, I can't wait to go there.

  5. Nagihan Sevda Çetiner Reply

    muhteşem    italyayı  çok  seviyorum  müthiş  tarihi  ve  doğa  güzellikleriyle  harika  her yeri bir   başka   güzel

  6. RE ZEE Reply

    I've always wanted to visit Venice. It's my long time dream. And because of this video, i'm claiming it. I'm gonna explore Venice very soon!

  7. Jallow Boy Reply

    I love Venice I have visited there what a beautiful city ?

  8. Teo cr Reply

    I was in Venice last week! It was really nice…I also made a video of that day so if you are interested check it out on my channel 🙂

  9. Maria Brun Reply

    Loved our time in Venis

  10. Linda Ann Reply

    Venice takes my breath away I just have to keep going back. It is so beautiful.

  11. Rozalia Iriza Reply

    Superb !

  12. TheGuyWithThePinkSarong Reply

    the city of my dream!! one day I will visit ??

  13. jean-claude margueritat Reply


  14. Сёмка Жук Reply

    CANALS IN CS:GO at 1:00

  15. erwang Muhammad Reply

    wooww amazing

  16. Steve O Reply

    Venice, see you in May 2017!


    Θα ήταν σωστό η ξενάγηση να γίνονταν στην Ιταλική γλώσσα και η μουσική να ήταν Ιταλική ή να ακουγότανιταλικά τραγούδια.

  18. Augsburger Reply

    What a wonderful video!! I think Venice is the most special city in the world.


    its my dream place to see..hope i can visit this summer..the videos fascinates me to really visit my dream place

  20. نوال ابولبده Reply


  21. DUBOST Jean-Paul Reply

    Magnifique vidéo, très complète sur Venise et les iles de la Lagune : Murano, Burano, Torcello. Et bravo au montage qui a su couper les horribles images de ces horribles navires à x ponts qui détruisent toutes les fondations des beaux palais. Bravo

  22. Jimmy Doolittle Reply

    Can't wait to go there

  23. joão andrade da silva Reply

    Linda e majestosa Veneza já te abracei.

  24. Panisse Pagnol Reply

    Très beau mais trop rapide.

  25. AISHAH ANWAR Reply

    i wanna go here please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ann Pendigrast Reply


  27. Ann Pendigrast Reply


  28. la patte du chien Reply

    venice on " LPDC" here

  29. J Select Reply

    You should be here!

  30. Maria Kopanaki Reply

    Έχω πάει έιναι υπεροχα

  31. Aleon38 Reply

    Cool city even though the narrator was cheesing me the fuck out.

  32. Notorious Jag Reply

    I can't wait to visit Venice!

  33. HATE IT or LOVE IT Reply

    venice is calling my name….

  34. sol stev Reply

    Magnifique guide

  35. Zandile Nogaga Reply

    I really like Google + ,I can seen lots of beautiful countries here so thank you guys for showing us these places

  36. Zandile Nogaga Reply

    I love Venice ,just wish one day would win the lottery n visit

  37. Hoge Smith Reply

    Excellent video! Love the fact that it was narrated by an Italian as I really appreciate the pronounciations of names of places etc. Will be in Venice on 16 April. Travelling from Cairns, Australia.

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