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  1. k den Reply

    I lived 10 years in Vancouver and loved when it rained. Its just part of life in Vancouver

  2. ykaan dönmez Reply

    I will go to Vancouver in summur 🙂

  3. adamsendler388 Reply

    Massacre!!!! I speechless!!!Such a beautiful place to live and to visit!!!!!

  4. Julia Roberts Reply

    Vancouver is beautiful between April to October, but not during winter. People call it Rancouver because it rains everyday.

  5. William Charles Reply

    It's a very nice and livable place just remember it's one of the most expensive cities in the world! That's the part nobody tells you

  6. Paulo Henrique Novais Reply

    The best of all!

  7. Danny Pitre Reply

    This video make me want to visit Vancouver so bad! SUCH a beautiful city!! Awe-inspiring views. I would trade my city for Vancouver, if only it wasn't expensive!

  8. TM56 Reply

    Meh…I prefer Seattle. More livable in terms of more diverse economy (i.e. Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, music industry, etc.) and not overpriced housing where only millionaires can buy a detached home.

  9. The Flight File Reply

    Amazing Canadian city!

  10. Abhimanyu Yadav Reply

    i think i just came

  11. Van Alt Reply

    Vancouver was a nice place before it was flooded with chinese, the chinamen have totally ruined it

  12. Pratik Gandhi Reply

    Make this type of video on India. Dividing it into northern,southern,eastern, western, and central part would be better

  13. Paulo Henrique Novais Reply

    Please! Make videos about Geneva, Calgary, Curitiba and Lisbon

  14. Harpreet Singh Kalsi Reply

    Great video… still waiting for Calgary though 🙂

  15. R. H. Hewitt Reply

    The scenery is nice but the people of Vancouver are very boring and superficial. The high point of any visit to Vancouver is really the native art and some of the buildings such as the main library.

  16. tidusfantasy Reply

    Vancouver is such a beautiful city. If u think this video is awesome, go visit the city personally and u will realize the real deal is even far better than this video. Its so great that video or words cant describe.

  17. Kojo Sarfo Reply

    what park is that at 5:47?

  18. David Mu Reply

    I hope the living prices drop.

  19. Carson 4681 Reply

    vancouver is one of the most livable places in the world, with lots of Chinese immigrants, house pricing, nature, and lots of restaurants. Basically the same as toronto, but smaller, and it is one of the warmest cities in Canada during winter time!

  20. Alex Shi Reply

    the rent is higher than snoop dawg.

  21. Marjory Forbes Reply

    And just have to mention the delicious maple and bacon scones at the Coal Harbour café!!

  22. Marjory Forbes Reply

    I loved my holiday there – hope to get back again one day.

  23. Patricia Owens Reply


  24. Ana Teresa Meirelles Reply

    Wonderful video! I will definitely use it in my ESL classes. Is there any chance I can get the video transcriptions so that I can prepare nice, well-tailored classes? I have 3 students flying to Canada this year, and there is nothing better than working with realia.

  25. Jessik Figueredo Reply

    perfect! ?

  26. Alessandro Ricci Reply

    Seems that in this city there is all you need

  27. TUAN LE Reply

    Thank you, Expedia Travel so much for your bringing us to amazing lands !

  28. Lloyd Rey Reply

    To visit is good but to live here is BORING

  29. arslan abbas Reply

    very beautiful Vancouver canada

  30. Peter Adams Reply

    It looks very much like a chinese little city.

  31. Bobby Parv Reply

    There is a reason why its called … beautiful British Colombia! Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places to live on earth. However, cost of living is expensive..

  32. Josef Rokohl Reply

    awesome video Thanks Expedia thanks for promoting Vancouver i live in Vancouver and i really enjoy it here and also Thanks Expedia i been using Expedia .ca everytime i travel outside Canada

  33. Jack Binzer Reply

    Oh man I really wanna go there.


    I Love Love Vancouver Seriously traveled all over Canada and NOTHING compares to b.c's Beauty!!!

  35. Wikos Reply

    How is it possible tahat it is in finnish (population of finland 5,4 million) and it is not in polish (population of poland 38,5 million)???

  36. alaskafino canada Reply


  37. Jenson jim Reply

    amazing video…

  38. Mark Allan Reply

    i have heard that Vancouver has a very bad drug and undesirable culture that can be off putting for tourists

  39. Darius Robbins Reply

    I'm definitely going to make Vancouver one of my future Family Getaway spots! ? I am 20 years old and I am learning that as a family man you have to keep your family balanced physically, mentally and emotionally putting them in a comfortable lifestyle!

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