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  1. Emma Hahn Reply

    When I travel this summer I am going to be that teen that walks through the airport with a stuffed animal.XD so childish

  2. Nhyira Osei-Tutu Reply

    LOL girl

  3. Daisy Rabbit Reply

    I subscribed!

  4. seven crystal Reply

    i have the same suitcase

  5. Mercedes Zepeda Reply

    that was such a good video!!GUYS SUBSCRIBE

  6. Lillah-Aaliyah Mbu Reply

    "the game i've been obsessed with lately is…" is a obvious move beauty gurus use to shout out games that sponsored their video and its quite obvious that they weren't really obsessed, they just act.

  7. Athena's Vlogs Reply

    Thank you for the tips ☺️☺️☺️

  8. Eva Morin Reply

    Hi I was just wondering what music you used for your video thanks

  9. Caoimhe Murray Reply

    i have the exact same pillow pet

  10. Melody Bowen Reply

    I have that exact pillow pet ladybird

  11. Shiro Tomori Reply

    I'm gonna visit historical places~

  12. Kornelia gum Reply

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song that started at 00:20? Thanks

  13. Zoe Gasson Reply

    i don't know why but a lot of youtube channels to that music changing stuff its kind of annoying

  14. Queen Awesome Reply

    Editing slayying goals!

  15. Queen Awesome Reply

    Best fiends is sponsoring EVERY video…..I guess I will download it???

  16. Cristina's Corner Reply

    Early squad where you at???

  17. Sam T Reply

    I have to wear Jean to go horse back riding???

  18. Tiger Reynolds Reply

    Love the video and thanks for making such great content keep up the good work ??

  19. Nishtha Guha Reply

    What's the song starting from 6:49?!!

  20. Muskys YouTube life !!! Reply

    Even if you roll the clothes or fold the clothes it still weighs the same but you are right by saying it saves space

  21. Madison Andrew Reply

    In the beginning how did you edit it so that it says recording on it?

  22. Kylie Gaitan Reply

    How is it that I knew exactly what game she was going to say?(I'm being sarcastic)

  23. Julia Davis Reply

    love the video

  24. ___samcruz Reply

    on 300

  25. Olivia Preisser Reply

    Where is carry on bag from?

  26. Libby & Lizzy Reply

    second song ?

  27. Lottie Mitchell Reply

    I love ur outfit ?

  28. Caitlin Chalker-Himburg Reply

    im on level 348

  29. Gosh im a tacoo Reply

    omg this is the one of my favorite yt videos I've ever seem!

  30. Peri210 Reply

    Nice vid.??

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  32. Imrose Kaur Reply

    rolling clothes wrinkles or ruins most type of clothing

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