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Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World

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  1. MrGashden Reply

    This must be a personal top 10. Most people around the world would disagree. New York? Paris? Las Vegas? I don't think so. I've been to many of the places listed and they would not be in my top 50 let alone my top 10! London is the most visited city in Europe yet you do not include it.

  2. Jette Divinagracia Gonzalez Reply

    i recommend coron and palawan in the philippines. white beaches and 5star hotels

  3. shania ali Reply

    love it

  4. Riley Johnson Reply

    I'm a single dad and I get paid to travel to places like this with my son for way cheaper than anywhere else. Message me for details could save you $1000s on your trip

  5. KEVIN Chavarria Reply

    Las Vegas and New York? What a joke.

  6. WayAway Reply

    Top for me "BORA BORA" 🙂

  7. shiokTV Reply

    good.. but not all of them are the best..

  8. Hoseoks' Smile Reply


  9. drake lost Reply

    in the bahamas it pronounced na-ss-aw

  10. Lawrence Big-asan Reply

    Philippines is the most beutifull and tourist spot in the world..

  11. agusman saka Reply

    where is Indonesia???? Indonesia have many beautiful islands like : Bali, lombok, flores labuan bajo, wakatobi, raja ampat, anambas and many more….. you have to visite Indonesia

  12. VacationUnder1Minute Reply

    Nice one!

  13. game player ? Reply

    öh Vittu finland crismas wonder land (KYRVÄN SYYLÄ)

  14. Andy Reply

    You only show 2-3 pictures of each location and you talk too fuckin much! your voice is boring as fuck and you keep me wathing the same shitty picture for 2 minutes, how the hell did u get 1 mil subscribers is a mistery to me, i guess your audience is just as stupid as you are. you get an F for this awful presentation

  15. Andy Reply

    you fuckin dumbass put new york in a top 10 VACATION list????? WTF is wrong with you?? oh..i're american and stupidity comes with the package.. fuckin moron

  16. TheRleslie Reply

    Sitting watching this on a dull, gloomy day in Glasgow…….facepalm

  17. Bill Kahn Reply

    Las Vegas ?? LOL …. one of the most over-rated pieces of crap you will ever come to know!

  18. Leticia Albitos Reply

    This is top 10 vacation in the world, and I had been to 7 of them. I never been to Egypt, Bora Bora and Maldives. I hate New York because of my bad experience when I was new in USA. Somebody stole my bag in the toilet stall. Be careful of thieves in New York. I will take Washington DC anytime over New York. There are many historical buildings and monuments in DC. Aruba is # 2 really? Philippines is much much prettier than Aruba. I do not know why people like to vacation there. I am not impressed with Paris either. It is like historical buildings like Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Louve museum is impressive and their food is amazing. Other than that, there is no natural beauty. I prefer natural beauty. Be sure to go to Versailles Palace outside Paris. I like that too. French are not friendly either and a lot of them cannot speak English. This was about 10 years ago, maybe now a lot of younger people can speak English very well and friendlier..

  19. Dub N. Mail Reply


  20. Suspernia Reply

    NYC, Las Vegas? Are you shitting me? Out of all the beautiful places on Earth such as Iceland, Greece or even cities like Prague and Amsterdam you go with those? Yeah, great vacation if you like looking at the same fake shit all over again or enjoy overcrowded places. Beautiful view in Las Vegas? LMFAO, of what? Metal blocks and flashy signs? No thx, it'd rather see something unique and with history behind it. Honestly, cities in the US have nothing to offer unless you just want to go shopping and eat unhealthy food. I mean, your oldest building are like a fart in the history of Europe XD. The States do have a lot of beautiful landscapes tho…

  21. Savage Walrus Reply

    you pronounced the Maldives wrong

  22. AAAM Reply

    LOL the first picture for the Bahamas was NOT the Bahamas, the Bahamas don't have mountains.

  23. Yami Rodriguez Reply

    new York es muy caro y no es gran cosa

  24. Bret Mcvey Reply

    I have Ben to New York City

  25. UWantVines? Reply

    5:03 what is that in the trees(top left corner)

  26. Monkey Reply

    i have to say this but i hate tourist espesially those who just goes on vacation every goddamn day .

  27. Bob McCarthy Reply

    I have been to all of those places, except for Bora Bora. Bali is the most unearthly and beautiful spot on the earth. The culture of the island is like no other place on earth. New York City and Vegas are just crass commercialism. Tokyo is truly mindblowing for its sheer size and has a unique mindset and culture that is unlike anything you will encounter in the West.

  28. UNITED MUFC20X Reply

    Albufeira, portugal

  29. KitCatLovesKittens Reply

    Las Vegas is way too overrated

  30. Joebert Alova Reply


  31. Carter Maus Reply

    You forgot Florida #2

  32. 2016882 Reply

    my top 15 vacation spots
    15 Mima
    14 New orleans
    13 Cape town
    12 Sanfran
    11 New york
    10 san juan
    9 cancun
    8 rio
    7 the Bahamas
    6 LONDON
    5 LA
    4 TOKYO
    3 HAWAII
    2 SYDNEY

  33. 2016882 Reply

    my top 15 vacation spots

  34. 2016882 Reply

    i used to live in henderson until i moved to new jesery

  35. myemail987654321 Reply

    been to NYC and LV on business, so Ive seen them. Unless I win the lottery Ill never get to see the rest. God I hate being poor.

  36. LuckyLuKE Jr. Reply

    Hey! Does this song works on the beach?

  37. Jacob De La Rosa Reply

    How is Tokyo Not on Here??? SMH

  38. nytrucker718 Reply

    Lmfao??????Central Park in NYC. Listen please. Everyone in ny wants to leave for vacation.

  39. STEP BACK Reply

    WTF! wheres Philippines dude !?

  40. TheEnderGamer 28 Reply

    Dubai and Australia? Not even South Africa???

  41. Jack Sparrow Reply

    new York looks so dirty.

  42. Fact Picks Reply

    In next vacation, I will travel some places in this list…

  43. Immortal Gamer Reply

    I live in New York and I hate it a lot. It's most likely not a vacation spot

  44. The Lobos Reply

    Egyptian slaves? You mean the Jewish people they buried in honor for contributing to the construction?

  45. Places To Visit Reply

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