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  1. Alang Alang Reply

    indonesia is hidden paradise…

  2. Suzanevolves Reply

    Thank you for putting this together, amazing images again.

  3. fernendo galiz Reply

    nice country?

  4. Sarah Basto Reply

    Croatia? Czech Republic? I guess this video is very personal.

  5. Saroz Bhattarai Reply

    its all fake promotion..plz dont go through it..instead of india its another small my country Nepal having top highest peak n among 14 highest peak in the world 8 lies here…

  6. Renisa Julia Reply

    yeay Indonesian!!

  7. Hugo Sanches Reply

    I wonder why you dont even mention POrto in Portugal which was named of the best destination 2017 by several magazines. Food, hospitality, prices low weather beaches and so on

  8. Fact Picks Reply

    Really, these all are amazing destinations for traveling……..

  9. Jeff Pratt Reply

    These shots are amazing! I subbed

  10. Jeff Pratt Reply

    These shots are amazing! I subbed

  11. Helena Reply

    Check out my travel vlogs??

  12. Dinesh Parab Reply

    Visit India friends 🙂 We have the best beaches and best mountain landscape, you would ever seen 🙂 Thanks for this beautiful video…!!!

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  14. amrita nirman Reply


  15. hong tik ho Reply

    actully i don't want to see this video but i need to do hw >.<

  16. TOP Hotel Lists Reply

    Thanks for this amazing video on the best destinations. Really enjoyed it!

  17. Edward Travels Reply

    This is great. Thanks for posting. I'll check out the places ive not been

  18. Fantasías de tonta pa siempre Reply

    ¡Buen canal?!
    Acabo de suscribirme?

  19. burzum aborym Reply

    India is the shittiest country ive ever been to.. Should not be in the list. None of the worlds highest lakes are in india.. fake promotion. 73% of himalayas lies in india? Really? My ass..

  20. ori mori Reply

    can not be with out Egypt

  21. sanjay shrestha Reply

    Nxt time b careful u fuckibg fake travel blog post u even dont know that world highest lake,world highest mountain,world low land,world richest country with beautiful scene,world most kibd ppl if u r good too,country where every ppl n religion is respected n where buddha born 1st research n keep it on ur channel it hurt if sombody steal ur things sorry i got hurt too plz keep in mind

  22. sanjay shrestha Reply

    Whoo the fuck kept indiaa as place they fucking kept d picture and the scene from country Nepal they r fucking lier n u fucking blog first research is that there in fucking india or not dont make fake advertisment

  23. Summit Reply

    Stop spreading lies man! why are you painting lies about India, India ain't got that, people gonna be hating you son for that shit. Figuring out it takes Nepal's visa to see Himalayas, Lakes and shit. Also, I can't deny India is fucking huge, each states are like diff. nation, hatin and shit. But yeah, both of these countries are nice, but try to acknowledge a sovereign country and its fight for recognition.After, all our boy Sid, discovered middle path to enlightenment. P.S. FUCK YOU!

  24. Siddharth Bargate Reply

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  25. Darshan thapa kazi Reply

    78 % of himalayan are there in india is fack……. india always tell fack thing only ……except that they have also tell that buddha was born in india but in reality buddha was born in nepal……so i suggest u to dont visit this fake country

  26. Teddy Doroja Reply


  27. Just Me10107 Reply

    Come to Croatia! <3

  28. Typical Brain Reply

    I never been in a great vacation, my parents are busy, we have no money, all I know is my vacation is at home, without getting out and have a great time, I do the same things everyday, I'll just keep doing that until my life is at end.

  29. Christian Comia Reply

    Pilipina check gesture it means right to travel

  30. TheGreekish Reply

    greece man , you forgot greece

  31. Fiona M Reply

    you missed out new Zealand ! but still sounds good

  32. Rino Joni Reply

    Welcome to Indonesai


  33. Zakaria Hamzaoui Reply

    can i have the name of this place in Croatia?

  34. Zakaria Hamzaoui Reply

    where that in Croatia?

  35. Aisyah Tissafahma Reply

    OMG how an Indonesian introduce his country 😀 it was funny 😛

  36. Hannah Reply

    made a travel montage of my own as i'd been to 15 countries outside of home this year. i loved this! 🙂

  37. Mr Domoraud Reply

    I'm surprised not to see Japan there.

  38. Massif Holidays Reply

    Really nice video. But I am surprised to see that The world's Highest Lake is in India. In fact It is in Nepal and known as Tilicho Lake that is located in the Manang district of Nepal. It is situated at an altitude of 4,919 metres (16,138 ft) in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas in Nepal. Finally, I think you missed that Nepal is the best destination for mountain lovers which has many mountains above 8000m including the Mt. Everest- the highest peak in the world.

  39. arif zuhri Reply

    that's awesome place

  40. b:HIP Global Reply

    good place

  41. Malaysian Song Reply

    Malaysia truly asia

  42. Bhadel Sushan Reply

    fuck ! !! …BUDHHA was born in #Nepal not in INDIA and 73% of himalayas also located in NEPAL not in India…MT.EVEREST IS IN NEPAL…..FUCK YOUR DESTINATION CONCEPT…BULLSHIT

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