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Shanghai Travel Guide

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  1. justf0rnow Reply

    Is it just me or shanghai looks way better than taipei? Im planning to go to taipei for 4 nights then move to shanghai for 3 days. Or would taipei for 3 and shanghai for 4 days be better?

  2. sunxxl01 Reply

    Do you know if the metro stations in Shanghai accept US credit cards?

  3. Chemically Imbalanced Reply

    I got offered a position to begin working in Shanghai. Considering taking the opportunity, but apprehensive about adapting to such a different culture.

  4. Paul Phelps Reply

    My wife is chinese and from a little village in China. I took her to Shanghai for her first time in 2015 and it is expensive and very busy. But i do recommend to go to a bar called Bar Rouge on the Bund the view of Pu dong is amazing.Also go to Shanghai zoo to see the panda's.

  5. Jerry Dong Reply

    Most local people now uses alipay and WeChat pay, only requires a phone so really convenient, cash is a pain in the ass for most of seller and buyer now, btw, even Starbucks don't accept Visa and Master, and please, please don't say we don't accept tips, I work in a restaurant every summer break when I go back to Shanghai, as a student, we probably needs some extra Yuan ,coz Shanghai is a expensive city?, and btw, such a nice video!

  6. Mphil Biology Reply

    i like uuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ALEX

  7. Jasper Huang Reply

    Dude come to nanjing, only 200km from Shanghai

  8. N A Reply

    One of worst shitholes on earth, i lived there a few yrs…the thing is tourists go to just a few places in the city, few intersections, malls and thats it…those places were all made up to look flashy and modern but these places dont represent even 1% of the city…still almost all of shanghai is soooo shitty gross, people especially that youd be insane to willingly go there to spend ur money

  9. renyin wang Reply

    Thanks for CNN, BBC and NY times for defaming China for so many years! Your care and thought will make everyone who came to China feeling disgusting!

  10. Ss Xin Reply

    But actually in China nobody uses cash, they use their mobile phones to pay

  11. Habib Hussain Reply

    When you say the internet is flaky, how about just saying China has banned google and you won't be able to access google maps at all unless you have a VPN. …

  12. 赵日天 Reply

    13:26 FOOD DETECTED!

  13. Peter Fritz Walter Reply

    Great city guide, great HD footage and very useful comments and tips.

  14. craigmauz Reply

    Mandarin ≠ Chinese!

  15. Yaren Red Reply

    What VPN are you using in Shanghai though?

  16. orbit Reply

    25''after,the music is shandong or hebei style! 哈哈

  17. Carmech Houseman Reply

    1 (800) 472-5625

  18. JRE China Reply

    Its completely up for the attitude when living places like Shanghai.
    yes there are problems but there are always solutions for them

  19. Johnny Mars Reply

    Shanghai is a huge, modernised and high tech city. I think it is ahead of many cities in North America. But you can only admire the sky scrappers for so long. I prefer Beijing and Guilin as there are a lot more cultures and landscapes. Yes, even with the Beijing smog that symbolises China in our media.

  20. 涂泺 Reply

    How serious haze……

  21. Cun Cun Reply

    Credit card is sort of outdated stuff in China. People usually use phone payment methods like Alipay and Wechat pay everywhere. They are very convenient.

  22. Qi Zhang Reply

    For those who have such hatred towards China and Chinese, please do not come to China. For those who think China is dirty, poor and highly polluted, please do not buy anything that is either made in China or has China-made components. Your narrow mind is just the last thing we want here.

  23. Qinni Reply


  24. Delphine Maziol Reply

    trop style ton tshirty

  25. Gitonga Mwaniki Reply

    wait i thought the goverment owns everything in shanghai? How can there be mom and pop shops?

  26. Diana Meschia Reply

    i just found you today and have been binge watching all day. your videos are fun and informative. thank you

  27. John Johnson Reply

    going there would be like when my phone switches to spanish!! I'm never going to get out or find ANYTHING!!?

  28. Engineer Traveller Reply

    I liked your presentation!! I have just started a channel to showcase my travel diaries!! Please have a look and provide your feedback how can i improve!! Thanx!! Happy travelling!!

  29. Virtualmuzyk Reply

    So, some of you think that living in USA or Australia or similar you're free??? LOL you're more and more modern slave that you even imagine. I'm 65 and prefer living in Asia then in above countries. Enough hardship sacrifices for nothing stresses and now poor life being on age pension where I could not live decent life on my older days.
    Ask every expat in Asia why they are living there ??? We are not stupid anymore …even I love my old country Australia I must look for other places as alone person to live peacefully and without stress.

  30. Asian Fun Reply

    very nice video, I LOVE SHANGHAI

  31. Manoj Reply

    i went to shanghai, its a good city but i felt little bit depressed because hardly anyone speak English so its bit hard to find someone can help … people were friendly but met few scammers ….so beware….!

  32. feensta89 Reply

    song at the start?

  33. fatima zahid Reply

    I will be visiting shanghai, and it will be my first time out Europe, need to sharpen up my mandarin 🙂

  34. uptownsilvia Reply


  35. Big Robot Reply

    what the inyro song called

  36. 韩总 Reply


  37. Nate Neu Reply

    Greg's credit card pin number was lip read as 2671. Sorry Greg, couldn't resist.

  38. David Thourogood Reply

    china are like people like us. I lived there before and found this out.

  39. Shinya Kougami Reply

    One more thing. If you are a Discover cardholder, bring your Discover card with you. Discover cards are accepted as UnionPay cards in China, which are supported by almost all payment devices in China. Just tell them it's UnionPay.

  40. Google User Reply

    Looks like a cheap, bland, smoggy city. . .Very grey looking, crummy, dirty looking, specially down those side streets.

  41. Mark lau Reply

    all these expats in China access to FB or youtube by using VPN. You gotta pay for it around 20bucks a yr, not a thing as internet censorship existing in every country.

  42. Mark lau Reply

    west mainstream media have been shitting on China for half century and I truely believe they will keep doing this all the time. China spends over 5000 yrs to make itself an inclusive culture country. US as a typical country of exclusive culture make itself an equivalence to war. We never expect a coutry that is so crazy about weapons n wars just because of profit n its exclusive identity to some good things for the world. Farewell to fake freedom guys.

  43. tntbela тɴтвeʟα Reply

    It's very clean compared to the cities I'vs been to

  44. naive 121 Reply

    Will you do a Beijing travel guide?

  45. FaRaZ kHaN Reply

    Beautiful city

  46. Rubel dhar Aansu Reply

    I know that you will give me proper solution.I have planned to visit shanghai but I am confused about the language.Actually I don't know chinese language but I want to visit shanghai? Could I get English Guide cheaply from my hotel? I have planned to visit December this year with my family.

    ***Please give me some proper solution for me****

  47. 甦丠 Reply

    5:27that girl nice sexy wow

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