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Samsung Galaxy S8: The Travel Guide

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  1. TheMexicanPro Reply

    i shall wait for note 7 or 8 what ever they call it

  2. TheMorbiousStone Reply

    Samsung Galaxy: bought with crack money & government handouts

  3. Juan Cisneros Reply

    iPhone Squad ??

  4. Max T Reply

    I think I might switch to Samsung.

  5. jacob kiser Reply

    Samsung galaxy S8, because every other galaxy s has failed, let's make another. oriental devices

  6. blong james Reply

    how much

  7. William Lugo Reply

    Heads up Samsung., The majority of people that use your products are from these exotic locations. I'm sorry to break the news to you. This idea of world traveler explorer is very "other" world/cultural view based.

    Think about it.

  8. Stephanie Walgreens Reply

    whatching it on my obama phone

  9. SignOfZodiac Reply

    …and last line of defense "KABOOM!" ?

  10. Sir Danwordson Reply

    lol (the video pic is like) as u drop your phone, and break it on that rock! cuz theres no finger room to hold on to it lol looks great tho

  11. Cesur Yigit Reply


  12. Ricky Mendoza Reply

    Peru is so beautiful!!!

  13. Newton Cazzaro Reply

    cools stuff, but at the end of the day… iOS > Android

  14. Eli Johnson Reply

    Buy the Samsung galaxy S8 now! Guaranteed to keep your phone blowing up! You will show up everywhere with a bang! Your friends will look at you and say, "Isn't that the guy with the Samsun- BOOM!!!!……..

    And you and your friends will all be dead.

    Coming soon to a Verizon store near you!!!


    if you want to be a world traveler become a terrorist ?

  16. awref atrert Reply

    Samsung produce the most intrusive phones ever. I will never buy another one… junk

  17. Latasha Elston Reply

    She's a bad ass!

  18. rApper SaM Reply



    I'm like Samsung I'm have Samsung galsxy s7

  20. REAL TALK 100 Reply


  21. Zona Anthrax Reply

    Who remembers when it was smart people with a dumb phone??? Now its the other way around.. Costomers always come into my shop like clueless idiots on how to use their smart phone ???

  22. Nsshaun Sullivan Reply

    bad and bougee

  23. Nsshaun Sullivan Reply

    bad and bougee

  24. carol wiley Reply


  25. Jesus Is God Reply

    repent and follow Jesus only

  26. mack anarcon Reply

    watching this is in my s6

  27. Pretty Girl Swagg Reply

    this is why I date hp cause my Samsung charges against the wrong voltage of internet battery love..

  28. John boi Reply

    Watching this commercial yet i only have a Nokia 1011.

  29. Juan T. Reply

    ala papu

  30. Emilio Nehemiah Reply

    Cusco, Peru…..♡ my hometown

  31. Duwang Is Unbreakable Reply

    I'm watching this on my S8 right now.

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