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Salzburg Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. Miq op Reis Reply

    Amazing story & views!

  2. galaxyanh Reply

    I watched a lot videos about this city. It's so beautiful and peaceful. I really want to go there.

  3. Sudish Shetty Reply

    woww so beautiful.. straight out from postcards .wish austrian tourism gift me ticket :-p

  4. Mayank Pundeer Reply

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  5. Dashka Solo Reply

    make Hallstatt, Munich and Karlovy Vary please))
    Your videos are amazing!

  6. Teo cr Reply

    It is pretty nice to watch this video about my hometown where I am living 🙂

  7. Tiroooooler Reply

    Awesome Video, Expedia!!!
    perfectly captured. just mesmerising!
    Please do one of Innsbruck (and its surrounded mountains) as well and you captured the 3 marvellous cities of Austria!

  8. Ajmal shah Reply

    majestic beauty of small towns and villages of salzburg ,, we love natural beauty

  9. Amazing Stud Reply

    an underrated but most beautiful city ever! why am I not austrian!

  10. Richard Tobasco Reply

    I visited Salzburg and Vienna back in 2010, and I had a great time. Thank you for sharing this video as I cant wait to visit Austria again!

  11. Kevin Anderson Reply

    I really love these videos every last one of them. I hope you continue to shine light on the little known places like Dakar,Senegal or Chengdu,China and hopefully even some less shined upon places here in America like Minneapolis,Minnesota or Mackinac island Michigan. Anyway thanks for creating theme channel keep up the great work.

  12. Leslie Alexander Reply

    Wow, I never knew about these awesome videos until I sent someone the link to the current, wonderful commercial….the Siberian Train….Expedia really needs to advertise these. They are amazing.

  13. Angelo Luigi Tan Reply

    Make one for the Philippines

  14. mahue171 Reply

    my hometown just rocks…. miss you salzburg…

  15. Christian Djami Reply

    9:22 7000 years old mine wtf XD

  16. Christian Djami Reply

    9:22 7000 years old mine wtf XD


    my name sajjad memon I like Expedia videos and subscribe this channel

  18. Paper Kids Reply

    Beautiful! 🙂

  19. zahid iqbal Reply

    i like it



  21. Folk guy Reply

    I had no idea this city was so gorgeous. Mesmerising.

  22. Yoanna Asenova Reply

    What camera do you use for filming your videos? The quality is amazing!

  23. Zivan Reply

    It's so beautiful

  24. Radya Ichwandiputra Reply

    when will you uploading the Yogyakarta video?

  25. TheHuman Comalies Reply

    Im too surprised that you don't have videos about turkey !!!!!

  26. oh no Reply

    Really nice,please make a travel guide to Munich

  27. Fadi Antwan Reply

    Please do Milan sometime soon!

  28. HansI Gurtner Reply

    The beer in the Müllnerbräu is the best.

  29. Abigail Zammit0jht Reply

    I like your videos thank you I love watching the cities and countries on google earth and I study a lot on cities and cauntries

  30. Peter Bo Reply

    The Augustiner Brau bier garden has to be one of the highlights of a summer trip to Salzburg. We run an airbnb about 70km away and make a day trip to Salzburg each time we visit our chalet.

  31. Ujjwal Khanna Reply

    please expedia do on samoa

  32. AlDelVex Reply

    Do the twin cities where I live please!

  33. Wolfgang Pagl Reply

    Great travel guide of my home town – well captured and told – compliments to Expedia!

  34. hesen abbaszade Reply

    baku about video

  35. Ayrton Nixon-Niki Reply

    Wow! Salzburg is like an Heaven on earth in Europe

  36. 10higi Reply

    Easily your best video yet, and there's a lot of competition! 😉

  37. shijire bckm Reply

    Great… Milan next pls Expedia

  38. Nemanja Tepsa Reply

    do the video of Belgrade, Serbia

  39. Janiman Khan Reply

    Islamabad city travel guide

  40. Janiman Khan Reply

    Please make a video on capital of Pakistan ISLAMABAD

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