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New York City Travel Guide

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  1. Julian Ro Reply

    Just to mention,Cars are not allowed to make right turns on red lights in new york city(jncluding the other boros), everywhere else in America they can even in other new york counties.

  2. Brooklyn NY Reply

    8:15 – In New York City, cars are not allowed to turn right on the red light unless it indicated that you are permitted too.

  3. David Climent Reply

    where are you from alex hunter??

  4. Nazamyar Omead Reply

    I honestly had a good experience at JFK airport

  5. Norm Zeb Reply

    Awesome Video!…. I lived 40 years in NYC…. Authentic Guide….Thanks for sharing!

  6. Suman Khan Reply

    i love france. france is very beautiful country

  7. Hailey Alexander Reply

    Come to Boise, Idaho!

  8. H Decade Reply

    Alex Hunter..Legend

  9. Yanevernoinoz Reply

    when is season 3 coming out?

  10. Saturn Owls Knowing Reply

    Im Going In December

  11. Gangaraju KM Reply

    visit Bangalore India ( the most dynamic city on the planet )

  12. Osquar Reply

    Do you need to tip in stores and in Chain restaurants like for eg. McDonald's?

  13. tjkesshou Reply

    Wow, this is very helpful… I'm headed to NYC for my first visit ever and I've been looking for the 'courage' to venture out of my comfort zone.

  14. Corey Smith Reply

    One bite everybody knows the rules

  15. cornercracker30 Reply

    A Special thank you to the Ramones.

  16. Naruto Uzumaki Reply

    I want to visit New York , I always loved this city since childhood .

  17. Josue D Perez Martinez Reply

    DO NOT TURN RIGHT ON RED LIGHTS NY state and some parts of the city (queens brookly and bronx) you are able to turn right ONLY where you have sign. manhattan due to the heavy traffic this signs are nonexisting. and the only area where you can turn right without a sign will be on Long Island, upstate or new jersey. So, just do not turn right on red.

  18. Mr. Neil Reply

    NYC sucks. It's loud, congested, the people are rude and smelly, and their pizza sucks.

  19. Steve Drive Reply

    im from Brooklyn and still live there anyone visiting NYC try to avoid brownsville it is dangerous

  20. Downton 654 Reply

    Great video! I'm going to New York this Saturday and I'm so excited!

  21. krishna sir Reply

    nice video

  22. HyperBass Reply

    Can I live 5-6 days in NYC with 1000$ as a tourist ?

  23. Gianluca Rossi Reply

    please that pizza it is to heavy… a brick in my stomach

  24. Sana Sen Reply

    new York is best

  25. Howie Saw Reply

    Hi guys, I'm from Malaysia 😀 Planning a NYC trip and the video is really helpful, thanks!

  26. Margaret Fu Reply

    Just one small correction: cars actually are not allowed to turn right on a red light in NYC

  27. John Castillo-Franco Reply

    Note to drivers and pedestrians: cars are NOT allowed to turn right on a red light due to local NYC laws.

  28. Higherimagez Official Reply

    good video. funny parts too. I loved NJ and NYC live diversity

  29. Patel Vidhu Reply

    Only one thing I do not like about newyork is traffic.

  30. Mai Zabala Reply

    Come to Key West, Florida. 🙂

  31. Fathead Flinders Reply


  32. CY Hen Reply

    I haven't been to NYC and watching this video is giving me a nervous breakdown.

  33. Connie B. Reply

    Come to Johanneburg. Vancouverite here to show you around.

  34. PRHILL9696 Reply

    Why does New York hides it subways underground? Why not elevate some in Manhattan it would look cool like Chicago does. I know many New Yorkers who wish they would

  35. Majestic A. Reply


  36. Matt.J Reply


  37. SleepingSubject Reply

    "a city so good they named it twice." !??!!?! Why not say "A city so NICE" to get the rhyming going??? OMG DOWNVOTE

  38. Matthew Hay Reply

    I'm going in about 16 months and where I live you only tip waiters and hair dressers and I was wondering what you should tip in New York and Boston

  39. ramenisgood4u Reply

    Humble, funny & very informative. I love this guy

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