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  1. Monalisha Dangol Reply

    heaven on earth…need to make a vacation to Ice Land..:)

  2. Ferdinand Löhn Reply

    Somebody here who wants to talk with me a little bit about Iceland? You can DM me on Insta: flixbus1407
    Very exited to hear your experiences and oppinios about Iceland

  3. Tyler Teruelle Reply

    looks amazing!

  4. maman Btd Reply

    c you there on 26 August 2017..eheeeeee…

  5. Vladimir Krstevski Reply


  6. Nala 305 Reply

    The water is amazing there

  7. Vacamood Reply

    As college students, we do not have much money. We use Airbnb… We make the most out of the trip. On our latest trip, we explored Iceland. Check out my latest video for a better GLIMPSE of what Iceland has to offer. No bs.

  8. Sad boy Reply

    i want travel Iceland next year..

  9. URSS-CEI Reply

    nothing to see here. better go to ireland

  10. Charlotte Park Reply

    Wow it's my dream to go to Iceland?

  11. Arnav Narayan Reply

    please make video in hindi browse

  12. Abby Reply

    Can't believe I'm heading out there this October… Legitimately emotional about it.

  13. Ayman96 Alazawi Reply

    now this is the good part of youtube

  14. lipie13 Reply

    05:43초 가이저
    6:13초 굴포스:

  15. Swagatam Dey Reply

    this video isn't showing neither on my laptop(windows 7) or mobile(android) only audio is playing pls help..

  16. Rajashekhar Donthoju Reply

    I will go to Iceland…Thank you Expedia…This is heaven on Earth…Each piece of it has beauty….?

  17. Patrick Asoegwu Reply

    This is a great video I'll visit there. WOW airlines have great deals to go there

  18. kabi Sanchez Reply

    ll Always be my favourite place in the world ???

  19. Oscar Alamo Reply

    Beatiful, I'll go

  20. STVNSTNG Reply

    Perfect shots of Iceland! I just made an Iceland cinematic video – check it out!

  21. oversedated Reply

    I've wanted to go to Iceland since I was in the 6th grade. This made me cry like a little bitch. I love it.

  22. Alpha Yurnero Reply

    i already declared, that when the first time i watch, the secret life of walter mitty. i vow to death, that they should and can take me, when i can go to iceland.

  23. Edward Leung Reply

    I really wonder if Iceland can be described as locating in "Europe" but not belonging to the North America continent

  24. 2haveFREEDOMpriceless Reply

    They kicked out the Roman banking empire and are now thriving.

  25. K U N D H A D I A Reply

    amazing place
    wish i cud visit it once in lifetime

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