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Cuba Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

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  1. Career Mode HD Reply

    Can you make a video for Philippines

  2. Dantrick Stumpwell Reply

    Can you make a video about Egypt please.

  3. Luis Sánchez Reply

    Expedia's videos always ??

  4. Gustavo Seichas Reply

    Bem que vocês poderiam fazer um vídeo sobre o pantanal brasileiro.
    Vocês são top ??

  5. Dante Dante Reply

    Santo Domingo and Punta Cana are coming… I can feel it.

  6. Travel Buddy Reply

    Love your videos!! Can you please make one on Helsinki, Finland or Stockholm, Sweden?

  7. Carlos Denyer Reply

    The voice was told to put on a spanish sounding accent relatable to the gringos, therefore he put on a hollywood mexican accent

  8. peter orlando Reply

    why always with background music. Cant understand the speaker

  9. Radya Ichwandiputra Reply

    finaly a new Video!!!

  10. Nesrine Dh Reply

    can you make a video about bora bora please ???????

  11. Monty Arguezo Reply

    Hahahah people are tripping saying "don't forget that Cuba is still communist!" But have no problem that it's illegal to hold hands in Dubai and that you can get thrown in jail for that. But Dubai is on everyone's travel list!

  12. Alexandra Karpunina Reply

    what's the music?
    I love it!

  13. Guillermo Rodriguez Sales Reply

    Wonderful work, Expedia, thanks for showing the world a nice glimpse of this incredible country.

  14. A Nony Mouse Reply

    Absolutely beautiful videography!

  15. A Nony Mouse Reply

    12:15 What elegant spires. I see people have climbed to the top of the winding staircase. Is this an open attraction?

  16. Cony Sales Reply

    Felicidades a Expedia por mostrarnos la belleza de Cuba con sus contrastes, me gustó el lado humano que se transmite en el video!!!

  17. Rubin Nazareth Reply

    In Brazil they call that houses, FAVELA rsrsrsrsrs….. In Cuba you call it touristic place

  18. Rubin Nazareth Reply

    Che one of greatest murderer of history

  19. Khanh Tranvan Reply

    Anyone know the song in this video ?

  20. Nour Yasmeen Reply

    wonderful cuba!! thanks you so much!

  21. Bartolomeu bovie Reply

    Beautiful, but a totalitarian dictatorship with people suffered and slave of the dictator.

  22. Becca B1 Reply

    Lovely people and the food is amazing

  23. Simone eli Reply

    Announcer sounds like fernando from gta

  24. antwone davis Reply

    Love these long videos

  25. antwone davis Reply

    can you make  a video on Easter island or Perth Australia or Ethpoida

  26. CJJC CROWLEY Reply

    gta universes very own Fernández martinez

  27. Gürkan Peker Reply

    *********wonderful exotic country like heaven.Thank you so much for excellent presentation.Will you please mention the name of title of background music ????

  28. giorgi ggg Reply

    WOW Havana is a whole world! Also Please make a video about Tbilisi, Georgia!

  29. Ray Dio Reply

    Iran guide pleaaaaase!!!!

  30. Shinjo Abe Reply

    One video on Morocco please. I am excited to see

  31. el lorens7 Reply

    woww remember fast and furious 8 scene in Havana, nice to be there 🙂

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