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Bali Travel “Guide” || Going In Blind

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  1. cuteprincess441 Reply

    You're so down to earth, humble and real! Love it!

  2. Odin Plague Reply

    Nikki's face is just… Gahhh <3

  3. Skyler Blackketter Reply

    I have the same last name
    My name is Skyler blackketter

  4. Mel C Reply

    nikki where did you get that red bikini?? love it!

  5. Tina Taylor Reply

    3:17 so funny

  6. Bekah Reply

    Nikki, youre a stunning, gorgeous lady…

  7. Aindrea Hays Reply

    I'm vegan and I promise it is not all raw food. That would never fill me up! (BTW it is HARD eating out vegan in Houston)

  8. RocketPuncherTV Reply

    Becca is wifey material…I would put a big ass ring on it.

  9. alexiax obrien Reply

    Where's the golden coverup from in your last photo? So pretty!

  10. Oona S. Reply

    I went in Bali this year january to february and I loved it!! <3 Definitely going back there.
    We were on Canggu and I looooovelovelove that place. Nice restaurants (Peloton, The Shady Shack, The Old Mans etc.), lovely people and great beaches to go to surf.Also good party places like place called pretty poison 🙂 We also went to Ubud to see 2x waterfalls and also Gili air.
    I enjoyed my time there so much that I can't wait to go back there!

  11. Analyse Cortez Reply

    The vegan holistic resort looks like my cup of tea

  12. Charlie Paek Reply

    Lookin' right.

  13. Kee Ferg Reply

    vegan rehab yeah

  14. Brittany Archuleta Reply

    I'm so confused.. Becca and Nikki went to Bali like together?

  15. goldsilverandiamonds Reply

    Vegan rehab = Prison with torture.

  16. God Islove Reply

    Does anyone know Ashley's YouTube channel?

  17. GuysedIt Reply

    Let's see if she actually commits to this cut…or to anything tbh

  18. Melissa Borden Reply

    Waitttttt, is that a real tattoo? What does it mean?

  19. Merima EuropeanBeauty Reply

    all you're missing is a bf?

  20. The Blue Circle Reply

    im surprised she hangs out with her, even though she works for her ex! crazy!

  21. FolakemiOlamide Reply

    Vegan rehab lol. Your facial expression killed me 🙂

  22. Cassie lozano Reply

    Your face when you put the coconut cream in your mouth is priceless ?

  23. Jack Husband Reply

    Shit… im off to Thailand and Vietnam in 5 weeks, that part of the world is something else! P.S my channel will be full of travel vlogs

  24. Moana Totoro Reply

    Nikki! Did you book with Asia collective or just use them as a guide? In need of going to Bali ??

  25. norm loughran Reply

    Looks like you had a fantastic vacation and I'm really pleased to see the lovely Becca with you. Great vid, thanks for sharing with us. Norm.xx

  26. 625savannah Reply

    Thank you, Nikki for sharing your vacation with us! I so want to go to Bali now!! I'd love to hear more about your tattoo!! 😉

  27. dnsnyc Reply

    Becca is a weird one.

  28. Got Tarantulas Reply

    There's my girlfriend Becca! Lol!

  29. TheGoodStyle Reply

    Looks like you two had an awesome time. You and Becca are the greatest together 😀

  30. Dr Dray Reply

    5 elements looks like my jam, lol! Beautiful girl in beautiful bali?thanks for sharing it with us ????

  31. Katarina m Reply

    Does anyone know if her gymshark collection has launched online already? Not sure if I missed it or what not, but I can find any information on it.

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