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Airplane/Travel Tips + Easy Makeup & Outfit! | Meredith Foster

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  1. Marcel Brown Reply

    What's good friends you can get some awesome free makeup at

  2. Duda Rosolen Reply

    I love looking out the window of a airplane its so beautiful ???

  3. Bhoomikha Narasimhan Reply

    Maybelline dream matte powder is now available in amazon

  4. LpsCoolGirl714 Reply

    Where do people get these music??

  5. Zuza Matuszak Reply

    Hey kto z Polski? ??✌

  6. RHEA NAGI Reply

    OMG HALO WALET??????????????

  7. Angie Mary Reply

    It really is one of the best feelings to admired God's work in this world ???

  8. Crazy Lilly Forever Reply

    a quick question

    do you have to put all your liquids in a plastic bag???

  9. Sara S. Reply

    She always looks so sleepy.

  10. Say Tupas Reply


  11. Blessie Marie Reply

    This video just makes me want to travel ugh

  12. Karoline Celis Reply

    Right now recently I kind of heard there is problem bringing electronics on the plane, as long your phone is off completely unless either way. And this is a really good video thanks! Oh I remember! It has to do with recent hackings because of Russia hacking into the electoral vote of the election night and Yahoo's problem with all users accounts that we're going to be hacked.

  13. Lulwa Foudah Reply

    I like weird ppl and I like your tips like u too ❤

  14. Imah Farah Reply

    What's the name of the intro song ?xx

  15. Shabnam Ilyas Reply

    I save Collins because itsnso fun

  16. Briana grace Lynn Smith Reply

    It feels inspirational Ike a feeling you can't explain the music is like set to your own lice

  17. Maddy Limee Reply

    I actually really hate the nostalgic feeling and love it but it makes me kinda depressed

  18. Mia Whyte Reply

    what was the song at the start?

  19. Emilia Lim Reply

    Ahahaha! The ending thoooo!!!!!!!??????????????

  20. Emilia Lim Reply

    Ahahaha! The ending thoooo!!!!!!!??????????????

  21. Mia Moulton Reply

    YES It is definitely the best feeling listening to music and looking out the window of an aeroplane ☁️?

  22. Aisha Mehmood Reply

    what's this song xx

  23. IT'S ME GIO Reply

    Meredith Grey!!! ?

  24. IHazABuckets Reply

    I might go to Florida in June :33

  25. Ruby Redfort Reply

    Their in Australia the dream matte powder!

  26. Kshama Nayak Reply

    I would like to travel to paris

  27. Lily Grace Reply

    Who else loves packing? Like seriously I pack like a month before the trip then I unpack it and pack it again?

  28. Morgan May Reply

    Going on holiday on Monday!!!!!!

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  30. ElectricMoon07 Vlogs Fan Reply

    When you said look at what the weather will be Me: ok I'm going to Spain ?? so what will it be Estimate: ☀️ ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ Answer:☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ Me:Wow Amazing Estimate!

  31. tanikka amos Reply

    Albany Walmart

  32. Nicole lee Reply

    This is the first video I've ever seen of yours and I think you AMAZING!! I love your content!❤️ I couldn't resist so I subscribed!?

  33. Ainsley Harrold Reply

    OMG! Thank the Lords your going some place cold. I've been everywhere on youtube trying to find packing vids for warm clothes but there were only vids for summer packing! I'm going to Canada in about 2 days and its April so its still cold there.

  34. Snowflake crazy fennec fox Reply

    I love to look out widow on plane, but its better in helicopter and I imagine flying in clouds over this big beautiful world and love listening to upbeat music. It makes me feel small to so your not alone. love you videos cute and put a smile on my face hugs.

  35. Aurora MacDonald Reply

    Binge watching travel videos because I'm already excited for summer tbh

  36. Summer Davis Reply

    I like your top . For us in England we call it Mother's Day

  37. Claire Bear Dancer Reply

    TIP: bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up when ur through security and then bring it on the plane

  38. Fashion Bloger Reply

    Where to you live?

  39. Beauty corner Reply

    Ive never been on a plane

  40. India Letizia Reply

    I loove this videooo! so helpful and inspiring!! ?? love youuu

  41. Iman's DIY Reply

    what song is in the beginning

  42. Kawaii Waffles Reply

    Japan would be nice since I've already been to Europe and Mexico so it's a bit different

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