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30 Packing BUZZFEED Life-Hacks & Travel Tips!

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  1. Emma Villadsen Reply

    Why are you jumping? It's enojing

  2. shwetha rajesh Reply

    10 times 30????

  3. AlphaL 5 Reply

    Try hard muchhhh

  4. Camryn Mcdaniel Reply

    I love how u actually used these when u were packing for Cabo

  5. Melvin Baker Reply

    They are giving away makeup at

  6. Charlotte Jackson Reply


  7. Kaitlyn Nightflower Reply

    The dislikes o.o..

  8. JuliaPinkxox Reply

    The julia club ??????

  9. April c Reply

    all she is doing is looking up hacks online and reading them off. that's not helpful

  10. Brisrandom life Reply

    omg I love this video you like my favourite youtuber

  11. The misty Lynx Reply

    you said 10 x 30 not 10 x 3 so their should have been 300 life hacks?

  12. Julee Albert Reply

    This is how we do miley cyrus

  13. Joli Girard Reply

    Her Channel reminds me of rclbeauty

  14. ruth m Reply

    how many of u thought that its liza in the thumbnail and then looked at the channel name and realised its not her

  15. Zert81 Reply

    10 times 30 doesn't equal 30…

  16. laughter production Reply

    U dont have semetry

  17. RTHamsters Reply

    I'm going to great wolf lodge this weekend and this is rlly gonna help me pack

  18. Jimins Balls Reply

    wow so she basically just read all these from internet?! i can do that myself thank you

  19. Mihir Advani Reply

    LOL she said 10 times 30

  20. Walid Lombarkia Reply
  21. Meryl Palinkas Reply

    OMG im going to cabo too!


    She said 10 x30

  23. varshajewel Reply

    lol when she was like 10 times 30 <3 <3

  24. lillian rivero Reply

    10 times 30 equals 300 not 30 ??

  25. moon night Reply

    a lot of these were for makeup

  26. Mahalingam A Reply

    Yes, Best Friends Now. Great Hacks; I am a traveler myself and you made it very clear; nice explanation ! Please do post more videos !

  27. Mai Al mehairi Reply

    10 x 30?

  28. You Wish Reply

    say I if you look up traveling tips when you are about to travel. I.

  29. Sarahs Crazycorner Reply

    I'm going on holiday on may 25 (2017)

  30. RossomeRishit TheGamer Reply

    Love your tips

  31. Tia Wats Reply

    I'm heading to Thailand in a week and I'm so excited!!!!

  32. Hi People Reply

    it's funny cuz I was in Mexico when this was posted

  33. StruckAnt20 3 Reply

    I'm going to Florida all of next week so this will help me so much thanks!! I'm I am a girl so?

  34. Dafney Sumner Reply

    thanks this was very helpful 🙂

  35. sorry not sorry aditi Reply

    I have to leave tomorrow but instead of packing anything i am looking at these travel essentials videos …FML

  36. Sofia Alsaraygi Reply

    Am I the only one that knows all of them

  37. Anisa Majuta Reply

    Omg I am leaving to go to Cabo tomorrow so I wanted to look at some vids to help, that's crazy?

  38. RubyCrafts ! Reply

    OMG you are amazing I was looking all over utube​for a video like this as I'm 10 years old and I'm going on holiday with​ my Nanna and my auntie and my 5 year old brother thx sooooooooooooo much??????????

  39. Quan Queenz Reply

    i'm going in vacation in Philippines next month and i really need some tips. ??

  40. _.neave._xox o Reply

    Going to France on Saturday so need these???

  41. L G Reply

    thisis funey

  42. AwesomeDolphin5 Reply

    OH MY GOD!! The button one!! That is litterally the most GENIUS thing EVER!!!

  43. Rhea Mina Reply

    starts 1:05

  44. safa fadl Hasan Reply

    who binges on travel videos but there not going on holiday until July ?

  45. Iona Cottis Reply

    10 x 3

  46. Rain Kawaii Dino Reply

    U just got a new subscriber Thanks for welcoming me ?

  47. H Dawg Reply

    I thought this was for beauty break

  48. H Dawg Reply

    Literally the ad for this video was for traveling!!!!!

  49. Hi Reply

    We're not going to be best friends after this I can guarantee you that! I absolutely HATE when people bribe people to do something.

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